For sale a Villa in neoclasicism style, Trencin, Piaristicka street

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RE/MAX offers for sale a luxury Villa built in 2005. This Villa is designed in neoclassicism style and it is located in very lucrative district, so called Kollárova district, at Piaristická street in Trencin. This Villa was designed by vell-known architect - Mr. Struhar. Villa is situated at Piaristicka street in the center of Trencin. This two - dimensional object has an untility area about 750 m2 and it is built on the land about 2000 m2 and it is fitted 16 m from street line. The residence is separated of all neighbours by 110 m long masonry fencing and it reaches a height of 2,6 m. The gate of the building is decorated with hand made forged fittings forged by a forge from Prievidza. There is also prepared a gas distribution, water supply, distribution of elektrical wiring and severage. This beautiful villa has also got a beautiful garden with a number of rare trees as are for example marples, tis, cedr and besides 70-years old rare oak. Construction of this object two-dimensional is built on reinforced concrete foundations which are deep about 1,6 m and which are wide about 95 cm. Theese are heat-insulated with a baseplate. The supporting structures were made from brick arces (PROTHERM), deep 45 cm, insulated 10 cm rough insulation. Around the door frames and around the windows are ornamental ornaments. The windows and the doors are made from the wooden massif with forging ( MACO ). The entrance door are also made from soild wood and the sides are decorated by glass vitrage. In each room there are installed cables for TV, PC, for the home phone and the camera system. Around the perimeter of whole building is the distribution of a rainwater drainage system with plastic sails. There is installed a central vacuuming system in the building. Two-storey villa is very well designed. The ground floor so called " The day part of the building " consists of a hall, the guest room with their own bathroom with toilet and a bidet, wardrobe, entrance hall ,the living room with a fireplace preparation, kitchen, dining room, winter garden, laundry room, boiler room and a double garage with remote control doors which are also made of soild wood ( HORNMANN ) The ground floor is connected to a separate apartment unit which consists of kitchen and dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom with WC, utility room and a summer terrace. On the next and the last above - ground floor, co called " The night part of the building " there are four rooms of which two bedrooms are big with own private bathrooms, WC, wardrobes. Each of theese two big rooms has got own entrance to the terrace. There is a balcony on this floor facing the front of the house. There are 13 rooms in the villa. Piaristicka street is located in the center of Trencin. There is full civic amenities in this place including shops, doctors, hospital, schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, banks ... " The street of lawyers, doctors and other institutions " and the bus stop is avaliable. The price quoted is final and does not appear. The price includes the legal advice, drafting contracts. We can offer a morgage advice with the best financial rates available on the market. This final price also includes the payment of the administrative fee for a proposal for a deposit in the real estate cadastre.